SWIN would like to welcome 3 new additions to the family. We are excited to welcome a new executive member, staff member, and sport & rec officer.

South West Indigenous Network would like to welcome 3 new additions to the team. 
Welcome our new Executive Member Chelsea Lucas. Chelsea started volunteering her time as secretary for SWIN and will be a great addition to our team. All of SWIN are really excited Chelsea has volunteered her time for us and if you see her around please make her feel welcome. 
We would like to welcome Caitlin McBaron. Caitlin will be joining Jess in the SWIN office with her role as Sport and Recreation Coordinator. Again please make Caitlin feel welcome when you see her around. 
Lastly SWIN would like to welcome Amber Mutch. Amber will be joining Jesse at Toowoomba PCYC in her role as a Indigenous Sport and Recreation Officer. You’ll see Amber out in community. 

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