The Pathways Programs is SWINs priority program. It was created to further the sporting journeys of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people through assistance with the costs of competing, which can often exempt families from being able to send their young people to competition. This program provides pathways for young people to travel the state to represent their communities at regional and state level sporting competitions.

The outcomes from this program include increased Indigenous representation in sport, health and fitness for Indigenous youth, rise in confidence and pride for the young person, their family and their community.

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Pathways Program currently services 19 Local Government areas across Queensland and is available to 60,000 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders that reside in those areas. The South East and South West Regions are producing more young athletes each year who have qualified for sporting championships and rely on the Pathways Program to compete.  The increasing interest in this program is a testimony to the strong caliber of athletes from the southern corridor of Queensland.  SWIN has also identified its desire to grow the Program into Central Queensland, if funding is made available.

Pathways Program replaces our Small Grants Program. Founded in 2009 the Small Grants Program provided more than $1 000 000 to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander athletes across South West and South East Queensland. Small Grants was established to boost Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Participation in representative sport by assisting with the costs associated with attending and competing in regional and state sporting events.

For more details about the SWIN Pathways Program please contact SWINs Pathways Program Coordinator:

Service Coordinator Team Leader – Toowoomba & Darling Downs
P 0437 338 838

Shari Woodbridge
Service Coordinator – Maranoa Balonne Region

P 0438 206 821

Geoffrey Rynne
Service Coordinator – Cunnamulla & Far West
P 0408 802 276

Pathways Application Form

Funding is only provided to those who meet certain eligibility criteria and is subject to availability of funds. It is a requirement that you read program guidelines and fill out entire application form. Applications that provide all requested information will be assessed on a first-come, first-served basis until all available funding is allocated.

If you are unable to access funding through the Pathways Program there are other options available check out these alternative funding options.

To apply for funding through the Pathways Program please fill out application form below. Email application along with all required documentation to