The value of a strong mentor cannot be underestimated especially for the up-and-coming athletes.  This program teams up young and talented Indigenous athletes with a dedicated Indigenous mentor to provide encouragement, support and guidance for the athletes personal and athletic development.  This is one of the best ways to help recognise the possibilities, stay focused on their goals and make positive lifestyle choice.  Within the program, SWIN also aspires to bring athletes together for sporting academies and personal development camps.

The South West Indigenous Network (SWIN) currently has funding through the Department of Social Services (Community Development and Participation Programme) to conduct the SWIN 2U Mentoring Program over a three-year period supporting approximately 76 identified youth participants. Click link below for more information.

The SWIN 2U Mentoring Program provides Indigenous Youth athletes with the tools to make positive lifestyle choices, set goals and achieve them whether personally, or in their chosen sport whilst supported by individual Indigenous mentors.  Sport is a great starting point (and common theme) with the youth athletes and has added benefits of better health, improved fitness and stronger social connections, all of which are essential to the success of this Program.  The SWIN 2U Mentoring Program is integral to SWIN’s mission of helping Indigenous people of South West Queensland get involved, get active and get inspired.”
Peter Jackson – SWIN Chairperson.

Inaugural SWIN2U Mentoring Camp held at Leslie Dam Recreation Camp, Dec 2015

The SWIN2U Mentoring & Leadership Camp was held at Tallebudgera Recreation Camp on the Gold Coast. Communities from all across southern Queensland brought mentors and participants. Our young leaders participated in leadership & team building activities, a cultural walk. Current community leaders shared their experiences and words of wisdom.