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SWIN reflects on a productive year in governance

2015 was another productive year for SWIN, with CPR Group again helping the organisation’s personnel to improve administration and governance systems.

Through the Club TAGS training and mentoring program in 2015, CPR Group assisted SWIN with the following:

Preparation of a comprehensive event planning and management template

Establishment of an asset register

Child protection training

Preparation and adoption of a Child and Youth Risk Management Strategy

Coordination and facilitation of a regional tour in September

Planning review workshop in the lead up to the SWIN AGM in October

The SWIN event planning and management template contains comprehensive spreadsheets designed to identify and record aims, objectives and target markets of planned events and to capture a variety of logistical, managerial and budgetary details associated with event planning and management. The template is proving valuable in the coordination of a range of SWIN events, including TRAX tours and the Western Rivers Cup.

An asset register is an important administrative tool for organisations to ensure complete recording, risk management and forward planning of physical assets. CPR Group mentored the SWIN management team to ensure a thorough understanding of the population and management of the document.

Child protection training helped to ensure key SWIN personnel are educated regarding appropriate child protection systems and maintenance of an up-to-date blue card register. The Child and Youth Risk Management Strategy provides a concise explanation of SWIN’s child protection policy, a code of conduct for dealing with children, how to handle disclosures of harm and breaches. It also highlights high risk activities, rights of parents and strategies for communication and support. The document will require updating annually.

Steve Connelly worked with Dusty Wilson and Jess Akers to conduct a regional tour from 28-30 September. The tour included workshops in Surat, St George and Cunnamulla. The Surat and St George workshops proved successful in providing awareness to attendees about SWIN’s background, its programs, SWIN’s legal structure and small grants. The Cunnamulla workshop primarily included physical activity participation opportunities for attending youth. All workshops concluded with a free community BBQ for all to enjoy.

Steve also attended the SWIN AGM in October, combining the visit to St George with a workshop to review progress against the SWIN Strategic Plan, completed in June 2014.

CPR Group looks forward to the continuation of a strong working relationship with SWIN throughout 2016 and beyond. CPR Group is a leader in the fields of sport and recreation training and planning. Since 1997, CPR Group has assisted over 3,000 organisations to deliver successful projects. CPR Group helps to improve clients’ sustainability and ensure that local, regional and state sport and recreation organisations can remain viable in an increasingly competitive market.

Steve and Michael from CPR Group sincerely thank all those who took the time to participate in SWIN’s administration and governance training and mentoring during 2015 and hope to meet again in the near future.

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