As stated in the Annual Report changes have been made to the 2016/17 Small Grants Forms with a new 2 tier system adopted by the board.  SWIN Chairperson Peter Jackson stated, ” The changes adopted by the board have been made after consultation with its financial members and we as an organisation feel that this will be for the best interest of the program and more importantly to families that are struggling to provide a pathway for their children in representative sport”.

SWIN will also have two new staff looking after the Small Grants Program after the departure of Jess Akers.  Megan Allwood and Terence Munns will be both working with families over the next financial year with the Small Grants programs and their details will be available on the website shortly.  SWIN would encourage all families to read the guidelines very carefully and don’t hesitate to contact the office on 07 4637 9865 if you have any queries.

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